Sticks and stones and Paleo?! 

Paleo Paleo Paleo – it’s all I see anywhere and EVERYWHERE. It’s on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…every social media platform I look at on a regular basis! There you go: HASHTAG PALEO right in your face. To be honest I am sick of it. Most other food trends ‘diet a death’ but this one is hanging around like a bad smell.

There has been umpteen blogs on Paleo, especially from dietitians so it’s a topic I didn’t think I would need to bother with to be perfectly honest; but it has been chewing on my mind, so I thought I’d better weigh in.

What exactly is the Paleo diet ? What does Paleo even mean?

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When life hands you lemons… Put them in the Juicer??

I thought blogging would be easy. Someone actually had the nerve to tell me I couldn’t do it, and while my stubborn streak is determined to prove them wrong, rise tall and conquer I must admit it has been harder than anticipated. Inspiration is a big factor, I’ve quite a few half finished posts I’m just not feeling. The other big factor is time – I have a really bad habit of getting a bit too eager and taking on a lot at once. I’m doing a Msc module at the moment and it’s taking up a bit of time that I’d prefer was being used for blogging. Personal things also get in the way  – you can plan life but you can ‘t plan for the unexpected and March/April certainly have been months where the unexpected has got in the road of my focus and ambitions.

This next post is being written from the comfort of my back garden in Co.Down over looking the beautiful Mourne Mountains. I’m a little bit bias but I definitely think I live in one of the most beautiful places in the World (at least out of anywhere I’ve been) and overlooking such beauty has given me a new sense of purpose and determination – When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade!

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After the long week of work and  ‘being good’ often we feel that we deserve a treat at the weekend… whether it’s a bottle of wine, a take away or some yummy chocolate snacks.

This is a very quick post about turning some of the ‘good snacks’ into something ‘slightly’ more naughty so you can get your treat fix with out completely out doing all your hard work during the week.

First up - Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes… (Ive just made some for studying snacks over the weekend)….
melt chocoloate
melt chocoloate
open rice cakes
open rice cakes
Dark Chocolate covered Rice Cakes
Dip Rice Cakes in Chocolate

Adding some peppermint or orange essence to the chocolate is also really tasty!

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Eat the Rainbow!

Fruit OURDAILYBREAD 1So after 20 days since my last post its about time I bite the bullet and get back to my keyboard (cup of roobios in hand). I’m writing from the comfort of my home again now that our internet is finally fixed so hopefully I’ll be blogging thick and fast over the next month or two.

Inspiration for today’s post goes to one of my lovely colleagues who grilled me on raspberry key tones and weight loss today. It inspired my fruity thinking plane and I thought one of the best micronutrients to start on would be Vitamin C. Continue reading

‘Living in the Food Moment’ – Mindful vs Mindless Eating!

So after my disaster of a week in the eating department I think a step back from the journey through the macro/micro nutrients and everything in between is needed. There is so much bandied about these days about mindful eating, the psychology behind over eating …. The who, the what, the where that went wrong! It’s very easy to sit behind a computer screen, or indeed in a clinic chair, and give tips and tell people how it should be done, but quite often it’s very healthy for us dietitians to turn the spot light back on ourselves. I for one don’t get it right all of the day and all of the time. In fact getting it right is hard. I endeavor to stay fit and healthy within the balance of my social, work and educational commitments. But some times you (me included) just want to sit on the house and have a biscuit…. And all of sudden it’s more than just a biscuit. Continue reading

The long and the ‘fat’ of it….

It seems snow really  inspires me because yet again I sit here writing a blog while it’s snowing… this time I’m trying to avoid my cycle home after work!

Before I get started I just want to mention I’ve tried to update my ‘widgets’ on the blog so you should be able to link to my twitter/instagram/pinterest etc easily now!

A special mention to my shiny new RDs4Disclosure badge now clearly displayed on my sidebar, because my registration and pledge to blog with integrity is official and I have been added to the members list. You can check out the full members list here and some fellow dietitian bloggers to boot!

I’m in the mood to try and be succinct  so without further waffling I think we’ll move straight into talking about Fats! (we all knew it was coming – the last of the ‘big three’)

A little bit of fat related humour
A little bit of fat related humour

Fats, a bit like carbs, cause a lot of controversy and my fellow blogger over at Food and nonsense recently published a really good run down of a fad diet/coffee trend called ‘Bullet Proof Coffee’ . The post is Titled:

 ” Butter In Your Coffee and other Flawed Nutrition Logic”  and is definitely worth a read. The reason I make specific reference to Helen’s post is because she highlights a really good point about fats (and some more recent research and controversy which I personally think is causing mass confusion among the general public)

Her point is “Despite the new research, the UK guidelines on fat intake remain as they are. A reasonable amount of fat in your diet, including saturated fat is fine.”

(And the fact that people are now adding butter to their coffee is my moot point!)

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Carbohydrates … the DramaQueens of Nutrition?!

I can’t think of a more perfect afternoon for blogging – it’s snowing outside and  I have Sunday Brunch on for some background noise and a nice cup of tea to warm my slightly frozen fingers! I have to apologise for the delay in this post – I had intended to have it up on the blog much earlier in the week but I started work on my Disclosure policy***  (go take a look ) and it was a little bit more time-consuming than anticipated. What a week its been for nutrition in the media! Every time I look at my phone there is another program or headline or article popping up. There was a social media frenzy when BBC’s Horizon Special ‘ What’s the Right Diet for You?’ aired early in the week; (shout out to the friend who gave me the tip-off – Ta!) It was a really stimulating program and for those who haven’t watched it I would definitely recommend giving it a viewing on catch up.

I could probably talk about it all afternoon and some of the ideas and thoughts and questions it brought to the surface, but  it would take up a lot more than one little blog post, and it will deflect from the original plan . I couldn’t avoid mentioning it however, because it ties in nicely with my thoughts around trying to make sure people understand the basics behind the science so they can weigh up their own options. ‘What’s the Right Diet for You?’ (in my opinion) always explained nicely any scientific terms to the viewers at home. I did see some frustrated professionals tweeting that it was ‘too simple’ but we have to remember, that although it’s a very informative program for professionals, it’s not aimed at us and the general public and nutrition enthusiasts only benefit from succinct explanations of the terminology! On that note – back to my attempt at steering you through the sea of nutritional terms.

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The bread and butter of things!

As I mentioned before; blogging is something I was toying with for a while quietly, but the real nail in the coffin that gave me the much-needed Dutch courage was reading a well-known woman’s weekly magazine at the airport; and it’s take on 2015’s ‘Trendy Superfoods’ … The magazine abuses people’s’ lack of scientific knowledge and terminology awareness . Masking food properties behind words, and suggesting, that, both the fact that the food is amino acid containing and protein containing are two completely separate attributes of a superfood  (those out there with any basic nutrition knowledge know that amino acids make up proteins ) and thus the magazines fool readers into thinking said food has all these magical nutritional powers! 

Off the back of this I started thinking about the readily available info at our finger tips – how do consumers/readers know whats legitimate and whats not, how do you fight your way through the fancy lingo that is developed by scientists and experts and is intended for their use?  Well I’d like to try to arm you with a basic translation guide so at least when you are reading magazines/diet plans etc you know your amino acids from your proteins, your monosaccharides from you disaccharides and carbohydrates etc. I’m not talking in-depth lectures or definitions – lets keep it simple, back to a bread and butter approach. 

 “The Internet has accomplished what even the most reverent consumer advocates usually cannot: it has vastly shrunk the gap between the experts and the public.”

I read this quote recently in  a book called ‘ Freakonomics’ ( completely unrelated to nutrition, yet highly applicable) by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. I couldn’t have said it better – we have such a wide pool of expert information at our finger tips but do we understand it? Do we use it the way an expert recommends? You don’t need a degree in nutrition or dietetics to be healthy but you do need to wary of what you read and how you utilise and interpret what you read on daily basis, as a lot of claims are unfounded!

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Hi, I’m Annelie, a Registered Dietitian taking a stab at sharing my love for all things food and health related in the blogosphere . So I guess welcome to my blog where I muse about all things in touch with health; what I get right and wrong, what’s tough and try and separate the truth from the down right crazy out there . I welcome any requests/corrections/criticisms/topic suggestions as I muddle my way through the murky waters of blogging.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve for upcoming posts but I figure the best place to start is always at the beginning with an introduction and a little bit about me and what made me finally decide to put finger to iPad mini!

I spent most of 2014 contemplating a lot of things I have wanted to do within my career and life’s personal journey, one particular goal being joining the blogosphere and the many voices of those already out there.

I even went as far as thinking up a blog name and securing it on Facebook/twitter/Instagram/Pinterest and the likes. I don’t know whether it’s that I’ve been lacking in courage, direction, time, dedication or inspiration but as I sit here in a three hour delay in Dublin airport I realise that for a whole year I thought about something I know I would love to do and a year later I’m still in the exact same position!

So here we are……

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